Thursday, 28 May 2015 
Author:     27-03-2013, 21:14
Agros Nova will invest in key brands
During the difficult times of the slowdown you need to focus on the so-called dead certs. This is why, the President of Agros Nova Marek Sypek stressed, the group he manages will focus on the development of brands such as Łowicz, Fortuna, Krakus i Kotlin. Agros Nova specialises in the production of juices and processed fruit and vegetables.
Marek Sypek made assurances that the company is planning organic development for all the categories in which it is present. "We are constantly working on the development of dystribution, because there still is a potential for the expansion of sales and reaching new customers. At the same time, we are keeping an eye on the market in terms of acquisitions and we examine every offer that appears, analysing if it fits our portfolio," said Marek Sypek.
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